GOD/HEAD at Ovalhouse

I’m delighted to be contributing a little to someone else’s work this week.

The ever-succulent Chris Goode is currently doing a show about doubting his atheism. It’s called GOD/HEAD and it’s a true story about God, neuroscience and, well, all manner of other things. This is the official blurb:

So there’s this writer.

Thirtysomething, gay, lefty metropolitan writer. Atheist, obviously. History of mental health problems, but those are all in the past.
Sure of himself and his world view. Comfortable in his assumptions.

And then one day, suddenly, without any warning…

There’s God.

In this brand new documentary piece, award-winning writer and storyteller Chris Goode explores the flipside of the familiar crisis of faith: what if there really is a God after all?

GOD/HEAD is a humane, candid, radically unsettling piece about the tensions between religion and neuroscience, and about the limits of language and the edges of desire.

Each night a different guest performer participates in the piece. I’m very excited to be the guest on March 1, so if any of you can make then, it would be lovely to see you afterwards! And, if not, there are plenty of other nights to choose from!

The piece is on at Ovalhouse at 7.45 Tuesday to Saturday from until March 10. You can book tickets via the Ovalhouse website.

Maybe see you there.

**Update** Well, I survived that, but it was an astonishing experience. Being on stage in a show, talking to the audience and not knowing what you’re going to be doing next is quite exhilarating yet simultaneously comforting; you’re totally in someone else’s hands and you simply have to open the envelope and follow the instructions, or answer the question, or build that card house, or read that bit of script – just do it there and then without analysing or fretting or thinking. Just do it. Honestly. Naturally, I managed to blubber at one point. Tsk. Chris admitted he’d put a box of tissues on the set thinking of me and one other guest (the lovely, and lachrymose-as-me, Maddy Costa).