This, apparently, is not newsworthy.

Woolwich burns, 8th August, 2011

Woolwich burns, 8th August, 2011

It makes me want to weep.

And this makes me want to cheer –  and weep a little bit at the same time because it’s so gentle and heartfelt after the horror of scenes such as the above. (It’s a video, by the way, of Woolwich youngsters helping to clear up).

Brilliant work, guys – three cheers for you all. I think your work is eminently newsworthy – far more so than Boris with a broom.

*UPDATE* 11/08/011 The Guardian has finally added Woolwich, specifically only the burning of The Great Harry, to their incident map. However, they have omitted the Woolwich incidents from their new map which cross-references rioting with poverty.