Slow Motion Suicide

Nope, not a description of my weekend, but the title of a new musical by the award-winning team of Desmond O’Connor and Andrew Taylor which had a staged reading for the industry at the Leicester Square Theatre a few weeks ago.

There was a cast of amazing musical theatre performers – Rebecca Hutchinson (catch her in Little Voice in Lancaster soon – she’s genuinely astonishing), Stuart Saint (who’s creating a rock ballet in between being a gimp to Des’s platinum-tongued diamond of a host at Sideshow), Jonathan Dryden Taylor (who acts, writes and produces for all manner of TV and radio shows and is organising the Sod Cancer gala at the Bloomsbury Theatre – donate, go see!), Sarah-Louise Young (whose stupendous act ‘The Frumpy Pigeon’ is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen – go see her in her Cabaret Whore show!), and the magnificent Bart, Steve and Jamie who stepped in last  minute and who all do marvellous mixtures of musical theatre and comedy with pizzazz and aplomb. Oh yeah, and me, the token non-sight-reading actor-who-can-carry a-tune. And does Rex Harrison impressions when she can’t.

Slow Motion Suicide is a satirical comedy – a jolly tale of obsessive work, obsessive love, mental breakdown and global financial collapse. With songs! The show was terrific fun and there seemed to be a real buzz from the industry audience about it afterwards. I hope the buzz develops into a veritable roar, as Andy and Des have worked long and hard on this show and, frankly, the world needs a new musical featuring a song dedicated to Fluoxetine.