Coming soon, to a sitting room near you…

This summer, I’m off on a tour of the nation’s sitting rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

The play is Henry and Elizabeth written and directed by the marvellous Chris Goode (he wot brought us, among many other unforgettable events, Hippo World Guest Book, a piece of theatre so unbearably funny and sad and magic that when I saw it I actually spent the whole time pretty much unstoppably snorting pure laughter and grief out of my nostrils in liquid form) and performed by the splendid Philip Bosworth and, um, me. And, potential comedy snot aside, one of the rather splendid things about Henry and Elizabeth is that it takes place in your own home. We’re touring the country – Northampton, London, Plymouth, Oxford, Stockton and environs, so if you fancy a Goode experience in your house, invite your friends and have a theatre party – up to 12 is fine if you have the space, and that works out at just a tenner a head. If you’re in London, then Chrisis the chap to contact, otherwise, booking is via The Royal and Derngate in Northampton, Plymouth Theatre Royal, Oxford Playhouse and The Arc, Stockton.

Frankly, hurrah!

Here’s the official blurb:
HandE1 A classic tale of love gone wonky, Henry & Elizabeth is a new production by home-performance pioneers Signal to Noise.

When hapless Henry is defeated by a simple repair job, and long-suffering Elizabeth finally snaps, it seems as though it might jeopardise their whole relationship. But are they really trapped in an endless circle of co-dependence and tit-for-tat niggling? Or can they find their way out of the loop to a happier and more magical future together? Henry & Elizabeth is a bittersweet, captivating comedy with a surprise up its sleeve.

It costs £120 to book a performance – get your guests to contribute, or invite them for free if you want to! Maximum audience size is 12, but only if your rooms are big enough, otherwise as many as will comfortably fit.